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Large organic cotton scarf

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Add a classic detail but full of sweetness to your wardrobe with this large scarf in 100% cotton hand-dyed with vegetable dye.

The scarf is made of organic cotton - I do my best to find the most eco-responsible fabrics and products possible - and dyed by hand in my workshop using natural pigments from ethical collection or elements from nature picked during a walk, leaves, roots, flowers.

This clothing accessory can be used as a scarf, but also as an improvised garment, blanket or small tablecloth. My daughter would add that it's a perfect blanket to make an improvised house :)

Process: Your scarf after being dyed has been put aside for two weeks so that the dye soaks up more in the fabric, then washed gently by hand with a neutral soap and smoothed with steam. It is then carefully wrapped. It will therefore be ready to wear when you receive it.

Note: The hand-dyeing process is an ancient, artisanal technique where fabric fibers interact with nature's pigments to create their magic. Variations in color may be present with this coloring process, but I take care to note the more important peculiarities in the descriptions when this is the case. Each item is unique and perfectly imperfect and these particularities make the charm of this type of coloring.

The color may also change over time. Your scarf is from nature and designed to be able to return to it once at the end of its life, so it's only natural that it evolves with you over time. However, proper care will allow you to keep it for several years. It is therefore recommended to wash by hand only if necessary, with cold water and a neutral ph soap, then hang it out of the sun to let it dry. If necessary, to smooth it out, it is possible to pass an iron at minimum heat on the scarf.

I recommend that you treat your plant-dyed pieces as small works of art.


100% organic cotton


See description for exact scarf dimensions.

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  • Wash only when necessary.
  • Naturally dyed garments can be washed in the washing machine and tumble dried, except for silks and fringed scarves which are often best hand washed and hung to dry. However, like any other garment, hand washing and air drying will prolong its life.
  • Wash in cold water with neutral pH soap. Do not use bleach.
  • If desired, it is possible to iron the silk at a low temperature to give it a new look.

Are you afraid of forgetting these instructions? Don't worry, a care sheet will accompany your purchase to remind you.

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