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Kim Louise Gagné

Set #4 DIY DELUXE - for medium and large projects | Natural dyeing (on cotton, linen & other vegetal fibers)

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This Do-It-Yourself kit contains everything you need to complete several vegetal dyeing projects from start to finish.

It contains an instruction guide with all the information you will need to clean your fabric, pre-mordant it in a tannin bath, mordant it with alum, then dye it.

This is the ideal set for:

  • those who already know they want to dye large quantities of fabric, or wish to have a variety of colors in sufficient quantities to dye with each about 300g-600g of fiber (depending on the shade desired).

The quantities of products allow:

  • to prepare (clean and mordant) more or less 2000g* of vegetable fiber
  • to dye from 2000g to 5000g of fabric depending on the intensity of the desired color and the technique used.

What this set contains more than the #3 EXPLORATION set:

  • more than double the amount of each pigment and mordant
  • two new pigments to discover because they were not in the first sets
  • 1 additional modifier
  • 1 meter of unprimed organic cotton for easy exploration

What you will receive in this kit to learn about vegetal dyeing:

  • an explanatory booklet - Introduction to vegetal dyeing on vegetable/cellulosic fibers with: tannin + alum mordanting
  • 1 meter of organic cotton
  • 50ml Synthrapol
  • 60g Sodium Carbonate
  • 200g Alum
  • 150g Tannin - Sumac, myrobolan & gallnut
  • 10g Iron Sulfate
  • 5g of Citric Acid
  • 300g of pigments of different colors, i.e. 6 color extracts that can create a multitude of different colors depending on the intensity of the dye bath or the use of shades
  • 60g of Madder extract
  • 60g Pomegranate extract
  • 60g of Chestnut extract
  • 60g of Cutch extract
  • 60g of Sappanwood extract (Sappanwood)*
  • 60g of Marigold extract

* pigments absent from other sets

This set allows:

  • to clean and mordant more or less 2000g* of fiber
  • to dye about 4-7 pounds of fibers (and even more) depending on the desired intensity and the technique used


*As an indication, here are some weight estimates for certain pieces of fabric

- 1 T-shirt (150g)

- 1 cotton scarf bandana style (40g)

- 1 pair of cotton stockings (80g)

- 4 meters of medium cotton (600g)

- 1 tablecloth of 126 inches of thick cotton (900)

- 1 Turkish hand towel (120)

- 1 Turkish beach towel (240)

Note: If you wish to dye animal fibers, this set can also be used for this type of fiber but the appropriate accompanying guide is not yet available. Also, some products may need to be added. However, this is an appropriate mordant. If you would like to have the modified package (addition of Eucalan and cream of tartar), please write to me and let me know. I will be happy to create a set that suits your needs.


What you will need that is not included in this set:

  • a cauldron
  • a measuring cup or scale
  • a candy thermometer
  • utensils
  • strainer or cheesecloth

Accompanying Guide

An accompanying guide will show you the steps to follow to achieve your different projects.

Recommended age

DIY kits require the use of heat and products that can be irritating to the skin and respiratory tract. If they are interesting projects to do with younger children and teens, an adult will need to supervise and often guide the completion steps.

It may be interesting to adapt the process by doing some of the steps alone (scouring the fabric and mordanting), then choose to do the dye bath and dyeing in the presence of the child so that they can participate in the activity.


The different products are packaged in glass containers that can be reused or in recyclable or/and compostable bags depending on the formats. Respect for the environment is at the top of my priorities.

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