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100% organic cotton Passion Pink - Bandana

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These little scarves are made entirely of organic cotton and are hand-dyed from plants ethically gathered in the Bas-St-Laurent or/and from natural extracts purchased from carefully chosen retailers. Plain or with floral prints, each bandana is a unique creation. The color variations are a characteristic of this dyeing process and contribute to create a distinct piece that only you will own.

Lightweight and versatile, it is a perfect accessory for all seasons, for men and women, and even for children.

Possible uses: Wear it on your hair, neck, wrist. Can also be used as a gift or snack wrap, table cloth, wall decoration - the only limit is your imagination.

  • Color: Passion pink, a bit saturated while maintaining the softness of natural hues
  • Size (in inches) : 23''x22''


Wash in cold or warm water with a pH neutral soap. Hang in the shade to dry.

The pictures are an attempt to represent as accurately as possible the colors and textures of the products. Color may vary depending on your monitor calibration.


It is possible to check the With personalization option to transform your plain scarf into a unique scarf with color effects - flower petal prints, traces of pigments in confetti, effects achieved by various vegetal dyeing processes.

The result varies according to the base color, the inspiration, the season, my intuition, the available plants. If you have a crush on a particular style or effect, you can drop me a line afterwards, I will take it into consideration. However, you are buying a surprise, so you have to be aware and comfortable with this aspect!


The dye baths are made from elements gathered in the Lower St. Lawrence with my mini, from flowers saved from the compost following an event or from pigments purchased from retailers who grow their own plants or who source ethically. I try to develop a work process that is as responsible and sustainable as possible, as much in terms of choosing suppliers as in the making and packaging.

My products are made entirely of natural fibers - with the exception of what is upcycled - and can return to the earth at the end of their useful life. Let's try to create and consume without creating more waste!


See description.


See description for exact piece dimensions.

Shipping & Refund

Packaging and shipping: From the beginning of the process until the dispatch of your purchase, I take care of your order. I pack everything personally making sure you receive your purchase as I would like to receive mine.

Delivery: Usually orders are sent in two or three days unless it is a pre-order. If it is possible to combine different orders in a single shipment, we will refund the overpayment. Please contact me if you are purchasing a second item and believe it may not be too late to combine the various orders

Orders are sent by Canada Post with tracking number and a minimum insurance of $100 which can be adjusted according to the value of the work.

Refund: Since each object is unique and I am a small business, there is no exchange or refund possible. If however a problem arises with your order, contact me within 14 days from the date of purchase and I will do my best to find a solution with you. Customer service and your satisfaction are my priority.


  • Wash only when necessary.
  • Naturally dyed garments can be washed in the washer and put in the dryer, with the exception of silk and fringed scarves which are often best washed by hand and hung to dry.
  • Wash in cold water from with a neutral pH soap.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • If desired, it is possible to iron the silk at a low temperature to make it look like new.

Are you afraid you'll forget these instructions? Don't worry, a care sheet will accompany your purchase to remind you.

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    I favor the reuse of used shipping material, otherwise the use of materials made from recycled or FSC-certified material, then recyclable and ideally biodegradable. I invite you to be creative and reuse the material yourself!