Art Commissions

Whether it's for you, your home, your office or even a dear one to whom you want to offer a special present, it would be a great privilege for me to work with you to create the artwork that you want.


The rates are established including:

  • a deposit
  • an additional 20% for the management of the process
  • a meeting by phone or in person so that we can understand what you want
  • a proposal from me
  • the possibility to ask for adjustments before the final proposal
  • a photo follow-up of the development of the work
  • the possibility to make corrections twice before the completion of the piece
  • the finished canvas
  • the application of a protective varnish
  • a certificate of authenticity

As an example - this is an estimate - prices vary depending on the material used. A 3/4'' thick primed cotton canvas is included, but depending on the material, there may be extra charges. Taxes are extra but delivery is included in Quebec*.

Here is an idea of the prices for some sizes:

  • 11x14 : 308 $
  • 12x16 : 384 $
  • 16x20 : 640 $
  • 24x30 : 1152 $
  • 40x40 : 1920 $

* If you live outside the province, a supplement corresponding to the difference between the actual cost of delivery and that for Quebec will be requested. I can calculate this amount at the beginning of the process when the size of the work is decided in order to verify if this cost is appropriate for you.

**Unless otherwise agreed upon, larger paintings sent outside of Quebec will be rolled and will need to be put back on a stand which can be done at a frame store.

Availability for custom creations

I take a few custom orders per year and announce through the newsletter and my social networks when I have availability. However, you can contact me with your request and depending on your needs, it is sometimes possible for me to include it through other projects or to add you to the list of interested people.


A deposit is required after the first meeting before I present the first proposal. This amount will then be deducted from the first payment. Half of the amount is payable at the beginning of the process and the rest upon delivery. It is also possible to agree on a payment schedule. However, the work will not be delivered until the final payment is received. The invoice issued is the contract. I specify the terms and conditions on it.

Duration of the process

The whole process can be done in about 8 weeks. The framing process (when added as an extra) and the delivery may take a little longer.

Feel free to write me if you want to discuss the process or have a project idea! I will be happy to clarify this for you!


How do I start the process?

Step 1:

I invite you to think about a few things. You don't have to have the answers right away, but they will guide our next discussion. Either way, you can have a clear idea of what you want or you can give me a carte blanche - we'll work together from what you want.

What do you like best: cotton or linen canvas, raw or gessoed canvas, Arches paper or others (of course, I'll explain the differences)
Do you already have a specific place to display the artwork?
Have you thought about the size you would like to have?
Which of my works do you like best and which should guide my work?
Are there any works by other artists or styles of decor that you particularly like? I'd love to know about them to understand your preferences. You can take screenshots of your favorite images and send them to me when we talk.
What colors or shades would you like to have your work in? If you would like the artwork to fit in a specific setting, I invite you to send me some pictures of that space. Simple photos taken with your phone will suffice.

Step 2:

Once you have thought about these points, contact me and tell me what you want and when you want it. I will send you my answer and if it is possible to start the process, it will be accompanied by a link to pay the initial deposit (between 50$ and 200$ depending on the requested format) which will confirm the beginning of the process. If my work schedule does not allow me to take custom orders, I will instead send you a proposal to see if another time is convenient for you or suggest you the waiting list.

Step 3:

Once the deposit is received, we will discuss in more detail what you would like to have painted by addressing the questions mentioned above, among others. If needed, a meeting by phone, by zoom or in person can be considered. My priority here is to fully capture your concerns and wishes.

Step 4:

I will propose three project options. Depending on your response to these suggestions, I will make some modifications or not. Then, it is the approval and the beginning of the painting project. The first half of the total cost of the project is payable at the beginning of the painting, and the second half is paid when the work is ready to be sent or framed.

And then what?

That's it! It's my job now to get it started. I will provide you with pictures to keep you up to date on the work process, and halfway through the process I will validate the work with you at least twice. When I judge the work finished, it is possible for you to ask for a first round of modification, sometimes a second. Beyond that, there could be a supplement. I do my best to make sure it doesn't come to this point!

Please do not hesitate to write to me if you would like to discuss the process or have an idea for a project! I'll be happy to clarify all this for you!