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Do you like the idea of dyeing fabric from plants and natural ingredients?

Whether you are a beginner or have already experimented with home made botanical dyeing, these Do It Yourself kits are designed for you and will allow you to create unique pieces that will have the beauty and preciousness of craftsmanship. They also make great gifts for someone who loves to do things themselves.

Inside each box is an Introduction to Natural Fiber Dyeing guide with all the information you'll need, to:

learn how to clean your fabric to make it suitable for dyeing

pre-mordanting with tannin and mordanting with alum

dye the pieces of your choice.

These kits will allow you to put your time and energy on your creative project without having to

Figuring out how much product to buy for the type of project you want to do

Shopping around to find the right items

accumulating large quantities of each of the required products

You will have everything you need to dye vegetable fibers (cotton, linen, hemp, nettle, etc.) whether you want to upcycle an old sweater, dye a baby blanket or a pillowcase, or even create the colors for your next sewing project!

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