L'intention du mois d'octobre : Self-Nurturing | Self-Care

October's intention: Self-Nurturing | Self-Care

This month, it's probably a bit the fault of the autumn (as if the cold comes with a candle, a notebook and a hot beverage), I felt like choosing for intention 'SELF-NURTURING'.

I can't find the perfect French equivalent for self-nurturing (or even nurturing which is not simply 'feeding' but implies the creation of a link between this one offers and receives). I have the impression that my French translations do not have the same strength, but I am still looking.

From self to self

I think of self-nurturing as a great gesture of LOVE from oneself to oneself; as the action of recharging oneself as much on the emotional, physical, spiritual, social aspect. In nurturing, there is the gesture of protecting as in take care of | look after : to take care of oneself, to put oneself in priority.

Taking the time to reflect

Yes, autumn always makes me want to pause and reflect. And when I think about that little notebook + candle moment, I feel like I'm taking care of myself. Yes, this moment is nice, but mostly because this moment of reflection gives me the opportunity to find what can really feed my happiness.

So this month, I'll start by taking a moment to ask myself what I need for more well-being. Do I crave rest, quiet, play and discovery? Then I will take small moments to give it to myself. I'll do another post featuring my favorite ideas for these types of moments.

And you, if you take the time to think about it, what does taking care of yourself mean to you? What do you think you would need?

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